Life Skills Through Boatbuilding

VIDEO:Summer 2015 Boatbuilding ProgramCheck out our young boat builders from our inaugural program in action! 

TWBW Featured in PilotOnline Video  (05/01/16)

TWBW was the subject of a video published in The Virginian-Pilot's PilotOnline. The video, produced by Pilot staff photographer Steve Earley, chronicles our just-completed winter 2016 boatbuilding program during which 22 eighth grade students from Sail Nauticus Academy built three wooden rowboats. 

Click on this link to view the awesome video:  

TWBW  Featured in Hampton Roads Community Foundation Video

Check out this awesome video that features the young boat builders from our winter program with Sail Nauticus. Our thanks to the Community Leadership Partners of the Hampton Roads Community Foundation for your support and to Andrea Bear of Bear In Mind Strategies who produced this video.

TWBW in the Virginian-Pilot  (9/29/15)

TWBW was recently featured in the Virginian-Pilot newspaper.  The very informative, two-page article by reporter Denise Watson highlights TWBW's summer 2015 program. It profiles some of our students and has superb photos of them building the boats and rowing them on the Elizabeth River. 

TWBW on Evening News:
WVEC 13 NewsNow in Norfolk featured TWBW in their April 28, 2016 newscast. Our thanks to Emmy-award winning journalist LaSalle Blanks for producing a wonderful story that highlights how TWBW is helping disadvantage youth.
Check out the video at this link:

‚ÄčTWBW in the Virginian-Pilot 

Reporter Denise Watson followed up on her September 2015 feature on TWBW. In another wonderful article she provides an update on what's been going on at the workshop since she last visited us. Read it at the following link:

TWBW Executive Director profiled

in The Virginian-Pilot

Virginian-Pilot photographer Steve Earley profiled TWBW's Tom Brandl in a "This Old Boat" photo essay as part of the Pilot's "Common Ground" series. Steve's photos capture Tom  building Julie Lynn, a 14-foot, Whitehall-style, rowing and sailing skiff. 

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